Pancakes and Booze Show

I am exhibiting some pieces at Pancakes and Booze this weekend at the Metro Operahouse in Oakland. Come enjoy local art, live music, body painting and free pancakes!

Some skateboards will be on display as well as a 22 x 29.5 in ink drawing.

Pop up show, open November 17 from 8pm-1am

Find out more about Pancakes and Booze here.


Chocolate and Art Show

I am exhibiting some pieces at Chocolate and Art this weekend at SOMArts in San Francisco. Come enjoy local art, live music, body painting and chocolate fountains!

Some skateboards will be on display as well as a 30 x 40 in oil painting.

Pop up show, open November 15-16 from 8pm-2am

Find out more about Chocolate and Art here.

Portfolio 3IMG_7015


Ritual Coffee Roasters Show

I’m excited to be exhibiting a selection of my new skateboard series at Ritual Coffee Roasters with 4 other ArtSpan artists.

The show will be up April 27–August 21, 2018.

Mission Location:
1026 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Ritual hours:
Monday – Friday: 6am – 8pm
Saturdays: 7am – 8pm
Sundays: 7am – 8pm

See the skateboards here.
Find out more about Ritual here.
Find out more about ArtSpan’s Art-in-Neighborhoods project here.IMG_5335.JPG

Roots and Wings, a traveling show

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 11.00.14 PM.pngCheck out our new Roots and Wings website.

Roots and Wings is a space where you can anonymously share your immigration story.

In collaboration with artist, Mara Lea Brown, this project was started to collect and share personal histories. With these colorful scarves, we ask the viewer: what stories do you wear or carry with you?

You can apply to have this traveling art show visit your school or community. The stories written by visitors will be collected and displayed as part of the installation. So far we have installed the show in two locations, many more to come!

Meet the Artist

Emma Brown is a bay area artist born in San Francisco with a BFA from Cooper Union. She works primarily in oil painting, charcoal and textiles. She has exhibited in San Francisco and New York City, focusing on themes of nature, body, otherness, displacement and immigration. Her recent work explores natural phenomena and microbiology. She creates biomorphic forms and patterns that describe a consciousness and interconnectivity. She uses patterning, color and line found in nature as motifs in her work.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 10.03.59 PM

New Nature Series

This series explores natural phenomena and biological illustration through intricate charcoal, paint and ink drawings. The biomorphic forms mimic colors, lines and forms found in nature. The body of work is reminiscent of Ernst Haeckel’s scientific illustrations, as well as nature’s organic tessellations. My drawings use an abstract patterning style to create a sense of movement and to build relationships between the forms.

Ink on paper

Oil on canvas


Ink on paper

mural sketch idea.jpg

Ink on paper

Misu paper