Petri Dish

Embroidery on cloth 2020
10” x 10”


Harvey Milk Quilt

Quilt 2020
63” x 87”

Windows for Harvey is a neighborhood-wide celebration honoring Harvey Milk around the time of his birthday on May 22. Participating neighborhood merchants and artist-designers create installations inspired by Harvey and his legacy.

This piece is a twin size quilt made of pink triangles, a symbol that has transformed from shaming to empowering the queer community. The pink triangles are cut from pink cloth and clothing collected from people who wish to contribute to the memory and celebration of Harvey Milk. In the center is an embroidered portrait of Harvey Milk. In quilting history, old and treasured cloth has been used to create personal and sentimentally valuable objects that retain memories and love. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this project!

Exhibited in Windows for Harvey, San Francisco


Embroidery on cloth 2020
8” x 11” x 5″

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